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Teradata information

Teradata customer and service documentation

Teradata knowledge and service portal

Teradata community interaction

Teradata Database Documentation

Title Publication ID
Application Programming Reference B035-1090
Introduction to Teradata B035-1091
SQL Data Control Language B035-1149
SQL Data Definition Language Detailed Topics B035-1184
SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples B035-1144
SQL Data Manipulation Language B035-1146
SQL Data Types and Literals B035-1143
SQL External Routine Programming B035-1147
SQL Functions, Operators, Expressions, and Predicates B035-1145
SQL Request and Transaction Processing B035-1142
SQL Stored Procedures and Embedded SQL B035-1148
Teradata DATASET Data Type B035-1198
Teradata Database on AWS Getting Started Guide B035-2800
Teradata Database on VMware Developer Tier Getting Started Guide B035-5938

Teradata Aster Database Documentation

Title Publication ID
Teradata Aster® Developer Guide

Describes developing and running functions in the SQL-Analytics framework, including how to create custom SQL-MapReduce and Teradata Aster SQL-GR™ functions.

Teradata Aster® Development Environment User Guide B700-5050
Teradata Aster® Client Guide

Describes how to install and use Aster Clients.

Aster Analytics Foundation Attensity Functions B700-1001
Teradata Aster® R User Guide B700-1030
Teradata Aster® Spark Connector User Guide B700-1040

Presto Database Documentation

Title Publication URL
Teradata Distribution of Presto
Teradata QueryGrid: Presto-To-Teradata Database User Guide

Describes how to install the driver for Presto and a connector for Teradata Database to run queries on Teradata from Presto.
Teradata QueryGrid: Teradata Database-to-Presto documentation

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