Creating an App that Runs Until Stopped

The root user must first create a registry that you specify when creating the app.

  1. Click , then click Develop.
  2. Click Create an app.
  3. Under App Info, do the following to describe your app:
    1. Enter a Name.
    2. Select an Icon and Color.
    3. [Optional] Enter a description.
      You can use plain text or GitHub Markdown, and add images using GitHub Markdown or HTML.
    4. [Optional] Enter a tag name for filtering.
      You can enter multiple tag names. Tags are used to filter apps and scripts in the Browse pane.
    5. Click Advanced, then select Keep running until stopped.
    6. Accept the default Memory and Processors values.
      Teradata recommends that you change the Memory and Processors values only if you encounter errors that indicate limited resources.
      Once you save App Info, you cannot change the app type from Keep running until stopped to Run once /run on schedule.
    7. Click Save.
  4. Under App Container, do the following to set up the registry from which AppCenter pulls the Docker image:
    1. Select the registry.
    2. Enter the Docker Image name and Tag.
    3. [Optional]Click Optional, and enter the Path.
    4. If the Docker image is password-protected, click Optional, and enter the user credentials.
    5. [Optional] Click Optional, and enter your Email.
    6. Click Continue.
      If the Docker image includes environment variables, AppCenter automatically adds them to App Configuration.
  5. Under App Configuration, do any of following to configure parameters and settings for this app:
    Option Action
    Remove parameters automatically added
    1. Click , then click .
    Edit parameters automatically added
    1. Click , choose the desired settings, then click Save and Continue.
    Add new parameters
    1. Click , then click Add Field.
    2. Enter a name, select a type, then choose the desired settings.

      If you select Upload as the type, AppCenter prompts you to upload the parameters file when you execute a job for this app.

    3. Click Save and Continue.
  6. [Optional] Under App Permissions, do the following to control who can manage the app:
    1. To add a Manager, enter the user or group name, then press Enter.
      Repeat this step to add more users and groups.
    2. Click Save & Continue.
  7. Select one of the following options to view or run the app:
    Option Description
    VIEW APP Opens the app overview.
    Start app Executes a job for this app.
    If an app parameter is missing a Type setting in App Configuration, job execution is disabled until you select a type.

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