App and Script Permissions

App type, and app and script permissions, determine who can access the app or script. Permissions are set when you create the app or upload the script. App and script permissions are separate from job results privacy. Apps that keep running until stopped are all public and cannot be made private.

Permissions Description
Managers When you create an app or upload a script, AppCenter automatically makes you the manager (owner). As the owner, you can do the following:
  • Add and remove additional managers.
  • Edit or delete the app or script.
Privacy When you create an app that you run once or on a schedule or upload a script, AppCenter automatically makes it private, which means only managers, admins, or designated private users and groups can see the app or script. Managers and admins can turn privacy off to make the app or script public, which makes it visible to all users. Apps that run until stopped are public and you cannot change the privacy.
Private users Private users and groups can do the following:
  • View the app or script.
  • Run the app or script.

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